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Elevate your brand and showcase your professionalism with our expertly embroidered workwear

At The Embroidery Shed, we run a growing fleet of Brother PR's Single head embroidery machines.These machines boast the following perks;
- 1000rpm Maximum Operating Speed
- 300mm x 200mm Embroidery Area

- LED pointer for perfect logo positioning

- Industrial Level Acceleration

Brother machines use computerised technology to create intricate and detailed designs on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, silk, even leather.

Some of the key features of Brother embroidery machines include automatic thread tension, automatic thread cutting, and an automatic needle threading system, which can make the embroidery process faster and easier. They also typically offer a range of hoop sizes to accommodate different project sizes.
All of these features and more allow us to produce highly professional and quality results every time! These highly versatile machines allow for us to accept both Bespoke and Contract Embroidery and Clothing projects.

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